School Meals

Reed Alexander Recipes

iCarly star and celebrity foodie Reed Alexander is getting kids excited about school lunch with his new series of healthier recipes.

Reed’s school-friendly recipes meet both the Alliance’s strict nutritional criteria and the USDA recent standards for school meals and have the thumbs up from students. The goal is to create meals that are affordable and easy for schools, healthy to eat and appetizing to students.

Asian Salad Bowl
Snow peas and mandarin oranges make this bowl pop with sweetness.

Kewl Tuna Salad Flatbread
A serving of tuna and a bed of green and red veggies line this new flatbread salad.

Cranberry, Pear, Provolone Salad Pizza
Kids will get a crisp mouthful of fruits and veggies with every bite of this flatbread pizza.

South of the Border Salad Pizza
Bring “zesty” back into cafeteria vocabulary with this flavorful mix of veggies and herbs. 

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The school-friendly recipes were piloted in six school districts in various regions throughout the U.S. including California, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas and Virginia. Recipes were evaluated based on food service staff and student feedback.