The Healthy Schools Program

We work in thousands of schools across the nation. And by “work” we mean help teachers, school staff, parents, and community members bring about the specific changes their schools need to become healthier environments for their kids.

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Your first step is to join the Healthy Schools Program. There is no cost to enroll. We just need to know who you are so we can give you the resources you need.



Once you are part of the program, log in and add your school(s). When you add your school, you will get access to our customized online Inventory, Action Plan, and resources to manage your healthy changes.


After you are a member of the Healthy Schools Program and have added your school(s), learn more about our focus areas, explore our resources, and step into the Six Step Process and start creating a healthier campus.

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Our program is built around a user-friendly science-based framework that anyone in any capacity can apply at their school.

With clear steps for action, our framework gives you the knowledge and guidance you need to learn why and how to make your school a healthier place.

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With Our Focus Areas

You don’t have to tackle the goal of “health” all at once. In our framework, we divide school health into focused wellness areas that you can improve upon individually along the way.

And each focus area is packaged with resources and how-to’s to help you take confident steps toward school wellness.

Explore Our Focus Areas

And Six Step Process

Our Six Step Process is your roadmap guiding you to a healthier school. It directs each action you take to keep your healthy changes on track and helps you slow down and stay focused.

We want to help you create wellness changes at your school that improve health now but are also sustainable and better the health of your school for years to come.

Get an Overview of Our Six Steps

Find grants for your programs with a great resource from our friends at SPARK. The SPARK Grant-Finder Tool helps you locate funding for your Physical Education, Afterschool, Early Childhood or Coordinated School Health program. Grants can be used for curriculum, teacher training, or equipment.

Help create a healthy school environment for our kids!

Start the Healthy Schools Program in your school, or support other schools in the program. It’s free!

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