Resources & Tools

Search our Resource Database to find a variety of tools to help you achieve your specific health goals on campus. When selected, our resource database will open up in a new window to hold your spot on this page, so click back over to pick up where you left off.

Our State Profiles give you an overview of health in your state to show what others have done and what you can do to support the health and wellness of your students and staff.

Our Success Stories Database publishes stories from member schools that are leading the movement with creative and innovative ways to improve the health of students and staff. This is a fun way to learn what other schools are doing to be successful. To find stories specific to you, you can search by state, grade and wellness categories.

Our Product Navigator and Product Calculator are the best tools to find approved products for your school. Search our Product Navigator to find a growing list of Alliance approved companies and products for your school meals. Use our Product Calculator to see which food and beverages meet our guidelines.

Our School Recipes are a series of school-friendly dishes that have been created by world-class chefs and celebrity food stars. They have been tested by a team of food service directors from all across the country in real schools with real kids. Take a look at our latest recipes that meet school food service operational needs and get the “thumbs up” from students. Our list is growing so continue to look back for the latest. We are now featuring Rachael Ray and Reed Alexander. 

Our Experts in the Field are leaders in their respective fields of school health. Our advisors create and maintain the best practices found in our Framework and can help you find innovative ways to improve health on your campus.