How Healthy Is Your School?

Are your school’s policies making the healthy choice the easy choice?

Alliance for a Healthier Generation

How is your school teaching kids to be healthy inside and outside of the classroom?

Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Active kids learn better: How is your school keeping kids moving?

Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Healthy eating fuels learning: What's on your menu?

Alliance for a Healthier Generation

How is your school’s staff walking the talk?

Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Do your students’ parents and your community know what’s going on at your school?

Alliance for a Healthier Generation

About the Campaign

The “How Healthy Is Your School?” campaign is designed to help you understand how healthy your school is and what your school could do to become even healthier next school year. After all, a healthy school supports academic success.

At the top of this page, you will see six numbered gray boxes. Each gray box represents one of the six modules in the Healthy Schools Program Assessment. Click each box to complete one module at a time, at your own pace; just be sure to complete all six by the end of the school year. Completing each module will help you learn what your school is already doing to support a healthy learning environment, and where you want to focus your wellness efforts next school year.

If you need extra motivation, RETURN HOME, and scroll down to check out testimonials from other school leaders like you across the country. You can also learn more about the importance of creating a healthier school.

Share your school's progress using the hashtag #ourhealthyschool on social media.


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