Developing your Action Plan
  1. Log in (Note: You must be a Team Member for your school in order to view/edit the Action Plan).
  2. Once you have answered all questions within a module, Click Assessment then click Review Responses within a module.
  3. From this page you may select items that you wish to work on by clicking the + sign to the right of the item (under the Add to Action Plan column).
  4. Clicking the + will add it to your Action Plan, if you click it again it will be a - and will remove it from your Action Plan.
  5. Next to each item, there is a star that indicates whether it is needed for Bronze, Silver and/or Gold.
Updating your Action Plan
  1. Click the Action Plan tab on the left-hand side of page.
  2. Each item that you have added to your Action Plan will be listed.
  3. Incomplete items are listed in the first section, followed by completed items in the second section.
  4. Click on an item to reveal details for that item (see Guide to the Action Plan Item Detail Page section below).
  5. To add more items, click on the Add Action Items button located directly under the incomplete items section.
  6. When an item has been fully implemented, mark it Complete and the answer will be automatically updated to Yes/All in the Assessment (also if you have an item in your Action Plan and change the answer to Yes/All in the Assessment, it will mark it Complete in your Action Plan).

Note: Most schools do best when working on 3-5 Action Items at a time.

Guide to the Action Plan Item Detail Page

Question Details - The text of the question.

Notes - You may type in notes about follow-up, action steps, resources or anything that you want to note about this item.  Multiple notes may be added for each item. Each note shows the author, date and edit history of the note.

Resources - Specific resources that we have identified as helpful in implementing this item plus a link to our full listing of resources.

Implementation Strategies - Direction on steps to take to implement this criteria.

Impact and Outcomes - How implementation of this criteria will benefit your school health environment.

Training - A list of on-demand or live-virtual trainings located in the Training Center.

Evidence of Success - Required award application evidence.

Get Help - Contact information for the Content Advisor who can provide expertise with questions or guidance on implementing this criteria.

Action Item History - View the transaction history of this item, when team members added it, marked it complete, etc.

Printable How-To Instructions