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Why is it important?

Continue to raise much needed funds for your school while reinforcing the healthy eating habits you teach your students.

Healthy fundraising options make it possible to raise revenue while not undermining the healthy habits students are developing that will remain with them through their lives.

Fundraising Ideas

Bake sales and sweet treats have been the basis for traditional fundraisers on school campuses. Learn how to use the things that get students and your community excited like sports, seasonal activities, and non-food celebrations to rethink these fundraisers and support school health.

Raise Revenue

Being resourceful and creative are the key steps to creating fundraisers that support school health and raise money. Work with your staff and community to develop innovative ways to use the school resources you already have.

Raise Support

Healthy change is easiest when everyone is committed. Inspire your school staff, parents, and larger community to support the healthy changes you’re making on your campus and increase the success of your fundraisers.

Talk with Our Expert

Jill Turley is one of our National Nutrition Advisors.

Ask her questions, get her suggestions, and see how she can help you create a healthier environment.

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