Supporters Can Be Anywhere

Excited to be part of the Healthy Schools Program? Get everyone else excited, too. Share your commitment to create a healthier campus with parents, friends, and leaders in your school community. Meet your potential supporters where they are, online.

Facebook It

One of the easiest ways to tell your story is with pictures. As you achieve new goals on your way to a healthier school environment, document it with images and share them with your online community. Get started by using our graphics (pre-sized for your Facebook Timeline) to show that you are beginning to make healthy changes.

Right-click on an image and select “save image as” to download it to your own files.

Tweet It

Share your commitment to school health on Twitter. Copy and paste the tweet below and share it with your followers. Click "tweet it" to have the message automatically load.

We’re now a member of @HealthierGen’s Healthy Schools Program. Making #HealthyEating and #PhysicalActivity the norm for our students! 

Tweet It!

Email It

Use the sample copy below to spread the word on your great work through email.

Dear [Recipient’s Name]

We are pleased to share that [school’s name] is participating in the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program. We will be working with the Alliance to transform our school into an environment where students eat healthier and move more.

Learn more about the Healthy Schools Program and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation at:

If you have any questions or suggestions about our participation in the initiative or would like to get involved with our team, please contact [name school leader] at [email or phone number, if necessary].

Thanks for making [school’s name] a healthier place for students to live, learn and grow!


[School Leader Name]