For each item on your action plan, you will find a list of related resources that you can use on your journey to a healthier school environment. You can also browse and use our resources whenever you’d like using the links below.

Resource Database

Our resource database is filled with a variety of tools created by our school health experts to help you achieve your specific health goals on campus. When selected, our resource database will open up in a new window to hold your spot on this page, so click back over to pick up where you left off.

Content Specific Resource Bundles

School Health Experts

Our School Health Experts make sure our Healthy Schools Program is up to date with the most current best practices and provide the latest resources to support school leaders in their efforts to make sustainable change on their campuses.

Alliance Smart Snacks Product Calculator

Use the Smart Snacks Product Calculator to take the guesswork out of this project and help identify if your current products meet the nutrition standards

Alliance Smart Food Planner

Browse the Alliance Smart Food Planner to help you identify products that meet the Smart Snacks standards. You can search by company to see if your vendor is in our database and identify compliant products that they have.

State Profiles

Our State Profiles give you an overview of health in your state to show what others have done and what you can do to support the health and wellness of your students and staff.