The 6 Step Process is a circular journey where schools continuously take a status check, work on making improvements, learn from successes and challenges and keep pushing the needle forward. When schools repeat the cycle each year, their healthy changes becomes embedded in the culture of the school and efforts to become a healthy school are sustained.


Voices of Change

Hear from school leaders from around the country who have successfully made healthy changes at their schools following the 6-Step Process.


Step 1: Build Support
Read how a physical education teacher assembled a team in Georgia.
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Step 2: Assess Your School
Learn how a school nurse in Texas mastered the School Health Index.
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Step 3: Develop Your Action Plan
Take charge of your Action Plan with tips from a physical education teacher in Nebraska who knows how to get things done.
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Step 4: Explore Resources
Tackle the Resource Library with inspiration from a physical education teacher in Maryland
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Step 5: Take Action
Hear from a school wellness coordinator who successfully transformed her school environment in Missouri.
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