How to Complete Your School Assessment
  1. Log In (Note: You must be a Team Member for your school in order to complete the school Assessment).
  2. Click the Assessment tab on the left-hand side of page.
  3. Choose any of the 6 required modules to begin (Modules 5 and 6 are not required but are optional).
  4. Click on the first question to view the full question and answer options and select the most appropriate answer.
  5. After answering a question, click Save and Next at the bottom to move to the next page or Save to stay on the current page.
  6. If any question is answered with anything other than Yes or All, you will have the option to add it to your Action Plan.  You do not have to add items at this time, they can easily be added later.

Note: Required questions are noted as such at the top right of the question. All required questions within a module must be answered before you may begin your Action Plan. All required questions must be answered in all modules to determine eligibility for a National Healthy Schools Award.

How to Review Your School Assessment 
  1. If a question is answered All or Yes, the circle next to the question will be dark blue.
  2. If a question is answered with any other option, the circle will be light blue.
  3. If a question is unanswered, the circle will be white.

This is to give you an indication of whether or not you are meeting the criteria.  These colors correspond to the graphs on the Dashboard.

Schools Receiving District Answers

To incorporate district responses and update your Assessment a Team Member must log into the school account. The school Assessment will not be updated until this step occurs. See below for more information on the District Assessment.

  • If the question is unlocked by the district the school has the option to change the answer. It will be noted "Your district has suggested this response."
  • If the district has locked the question so that the answer can't be changed by the school it will be noted "Your district has locked this question."
  • Any questions about district supplied answers can be directed to the District Member(s) listed on the school team list.

Printable How-To Instructions