District Assessment

The District Assessment can be used for any questions that are best answered at the district level. There are 22 questions that have been identified as having the potential to be answered at the district level. A district is not required to use the District Assessment. Also, a district is not required to answer every question. Some answers may be different at the school and district levels and for this reason the district has the option to lock certain questions (meaning the schools can't change the answer).  The functionality of the District Assessment is the same as the School Assessment.

 How to Add a District and Become a District Member
  1. Log In and click + ADD DISTRICT in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Use one or more of the search criteria to find your district.
  3. Click Request Access (the listing will also note if you are already have district access for your district).
  4. Access will be granted by either the Member Engagement & Support Team OR any current District Member.

How to Complete Your District Assessment
  1. Log In.
  2. Select your district in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Click the Assessment tab on the left-hand side of page.
  4. Choose a module in which you wish to answer questions.
  5. Answer the applicable questions (you do not have to answer all of the questions).
  6. Some questions can be set so that the school can't change the answer. If the school should not be able to change the answer, select the checkbox "Prevent schools in your district from changing this response."
  7. Click Skip or Save & Next at the bottom to move to next page.
  8. To distribute answers to all of the schools in your district click back to the Assessment tab on the right-hand side of the page and then click the Distribute Responses to Schools button.
Schools Receiving District Answers

To incorporate district responses and update your Assessment, a Team Member must log into the school account. The school Assessment will not be updated until this step occurs. See below for more information on the District Assessment.

  • If the question is unlocked by the district the school has the option to change the answer. It will be noted "Your district has suggested this response."
  • If the district has locked the question so that the answer can't be changed by the school it will be noted "Your district has locked this question."
  • Any questions about district supplied answers can be directed to the District Member(s) listed on the school team list.

Printable How-To Instructions

Coming Soon: Watch our how-to video.