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School foods that promote proper nutrition improve student behavior, performance and overall cognitive development. And with school meals providing up to half of the daily calories and nutrients students consume, breakfast and lunch are more important than ever.

To continue improving cafeterias, updated federal requirements for school breakfast and lunch programs have changed yesterday’s menus. A well-running school nutrition program will give your students the healthy meals they need and align your efforts with new nutrition requirements.

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Recipes and Menus Purchasing

Sample menus and recipes will build out your monthly breakfast and lunch menus while keeping you in line with federal requirements.

Simplify the bidding process and gain access to the growing list of companies working with us to create healthier products.

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Production Promotion

Understand culinary techniques and equipment efficiency to produce food that complements your operational needs.

Change the way your students view new items and increase their consumption of healthier meals.

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Carol Chong is one of our National Nutrition Advisors.
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