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Join the Healthy Schools Program as a District Member to support your district in creating healthier schools for both students and staff. Healthy schools lead to healthy kids, and healthy kids learn better: they perform better academically, have better attendance and their behavior improves.

Sign up now and add your district to get started with our District Assessment, recommended by the USDA to measure wellness policy implementation and track progress toward wellness goals. Plus, the Healthy Schools Program provides districts with comprehensive progress reports that can be used internally to inform new health and wellness priorities and externally to demonstrate compliance with national, state and local standards. Get all this as well as exclusive resources and trainings like those featured below, expert guidance to help your district succeed, and more all available at no cost!

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Benefits of the Healthy Schools Program for Districts

  • Meet your district wellness goals and support your schools
  • Improve classroom behavior and performance
  • Reduce absenteeism among students and staff
  • Utilize in-depth district progress reports to meet USDA reporting requirements
  • Access free trainings, resources, action planning tools, expert advice and customized support

Who should sign up as a District Member with the Healthy Schools Program?

  • Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents
  • Food Service Directors
  • Health Services Directors/District Nurses
  • Curriculum Directors
  • Health / Physical Education Directors

“With the help of the Healthy Schools Program giving us a structure, we've been able to get wellness into the schools.”

Dr. Alan Cox, Divisional Director, Health Education & Wellness

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