About Promoting Your Hard Work to Make Your School Healthier

We know that making your district or school healthier takes coordination, time, and commitment. Joining the Healthy Schools Program and accessing our planning tools and resources is a great way to ensure you’ll be successful. Anyone – including parents, teachers, and administrators - can get involved. Just create an account to get started!

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About National Awards for Your School

The National Healthy Schools Award is a prestigious achievement that celebrates your hard work in creating a healthier school!  Schools that receive this award meet best practice criteria established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and outlined in the Healthy Schools Program Framework of Best Practice Criteria. Awards are granted at the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. Award winning schools are recognized as America's Healthiest Schools.

Award winners enjoy a promotional package of materials to assist in spreading the word and celebrating their successes. The Healthy Schools Program communications and marketing team also promotes the award-winning schools through local and national media.

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