Your Action Plan is like a virtual to-do list that shows you the specific steps to take to achieve your goals.

In it, you will find items from your Assessment that your school has marked as not fully in place. As you work toward implementing healthy changes at your school with your team, your Action Plan will keep all your work saved and updated in real-time so you are always aware of your progress and have clear next steps.

Why Use the Action Plan?

Your Action Plan will help you take small achievable steps that each contribute to transforming your school into a healthier environment. Each action item includes:

  • Implementation strategies to guide your online and offline actions
  • Clear examples of what success looks like
  • A common place to share notes with your team
  • Resources and tools to help effectively achieve your goals

To start an Action Plan, your school must be enrolled and have a Team Member.

Is your school enrolled? Find out!