We recently released the 2017 list of America’s Healthiest Schools, celebrating the more than 300 schools nationwide that are creating healthy learning environments by implementing strong health policies and practices. All of America’s Healthiest Schools used the resources and support available through Healthy Schools Program to improve all areas of health and wellness at their school. Now, it’s your turn!

As of June 1, 2017, support for the former Let’s Move! Active Schools' school physical education and physical activity improvement and recognition program will be provided by their long-time partner in helping to create a healthier generation, the Healthy Schools Program. Your Let’s Move! Active Schools account has been automatically migrated to the Healthy Schools Program. Please note that you also still have your Active Schools account to access items on the Active Schools website, www.activeschoolsus.org.

As a member of the Healthy Schools Program, your school now has full access to the complete School Health Index self-assessment, a planning guide that will enable you to:

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your school’s policies and programs for promoting health and safety, in all areas of your school
  • Develop an action plan for improving health and wellness for both students and staff, customizable to your school
  • Build a team to help you make your school a healthy school
Comparison of LMAS and HSP

If you have already started or completed your Let’s Move! Assessment, your Assessment work has already been transferred to the Healthy Schools Program! Now, using the Healthy Schools Program Assessment, you can evaluate other areas of school health and wellness in addition to physical education and activity, including nutrition, staff wellness, health education, and more!

Getting started is easy and seamless. Simply use your existing Let’s Move! Active Schools email address and password to log in below to the Healthy Schools Program and continue your path to becoming one of America’s Healthiest Schools in the future!

Have questions about the Healthy Schools Program or the future of Let’s Move! Active Schools?

Contact us at help@healthiergeneration.org or 888-543-4584.